With a groundbreaking innovation, EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH has once again raised the bar on the market for straight connectors for spacer bar profiles standards and presents its EK STEEL Connect straight connectors from the Permanent Spacer Connection series. Designed specifically to be used with the latest warm edge hybrid profile systems, they incorporate EK's best features to create a resilient, high-precision connecting element.

Intelligently designed, efficient and user-friendly

Two things are noticeable immediately - the completely new type of locking system and the redesigned sideways serrated edges of these innovative straight connectors to ensure easy insertion of the connecting elements, in addition to providing secure and stable mating of the profile bars for permanent connections with no separation. The EK STEEL Connect straight connectors are designed to withstand extremely high loads - even for jumbo format insulating glass units, such as those used for very large façade windows. The large U-shape of the connector, combined with optimum matching, guarantees trouble-free, reliable desiccant filling. Build-up of static electricity and turbulence at profile mating points are now a thing of the past.

PSC  for TGI-M

PSC for CT Ultra F/S

PSC for Thermix TX Pro


Easy insertion - permanent and secure grip with no profile separation. Pleasant handling, as there are no sharp serrated edges.


Excellent absorption of profile tolerances and trouble-free filling with desiccant.


Extreme stability for all widths and frame sizes (including jumbo formats).


Pre-assembled or for subsequent frame assembly for warm edge hybrid profiles.

The new standard in modern insulating glass production.

„Die PSC-Serie verkörpert die unverwechselbare DNA der EK Connect Verbindungselemente. Die neue Verbindergeneration macht in puncto einfaches Handling und sicheren Profilschluss ihr bisher stärkstes Statement. Sie definiert ein neues Level in der Verbindungstechnik: robust, belastbar und dauerhaft. Die neuen EK Connect Verbindungselemente bietet noch mehr Perfektion bis ins Detail für eine sichere Randverbundfertigung.“

Ralf M. Kronenberg, Geschäftsführer EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH

Whatever your profile,
we have the appropriate connector.

As an established worldwide leading manufacturer of connecting parts and innovative system solutions for the insulating glass industry we set standards.
Wether straight connectors, corner keys or Georgian Bar accessories – Our product range has numerous variations. We have connection parts for all spacer bars, in all sizes – in steel or plastic.

Straight Connectors

The straight connectors in the EK STEEL and EK POLO Connect series areavailable in numerous versions. They are designed to match any spacerbar profile, regardless of the type, width and material. Whether a desiccantpassage or desiccant stop is required, for a standard or a warm edge profile– all EK straight connector versions feature reliable centering, optimum fitwithin the profile geometry, high stability and secure locking.

Corner Keys

Features of our corner keys and model corners include simple insertion, permanent grip andextremely high loading capacity. The model corners are flexible and bendable to simplify theproduction of special-purpose and custom shaped window units, while providing a reliable sealingto prevent dust entering the space between the panes, without shifting from their original positionon insertion.

Connectors Georgian Bars

Georgian bar grids should sit tightly, not rattle and be positioned securely. EK’s wide range ofGeorgian bar accessories have universal application and meet the highest standards required forVienna Georgian bars (box profile), Georgian bar 2000, Swiss Georgian bars and Georgian bar 76.Our innovative nylon end pieces and cross connectors from the EK POLO Connect series make itpossible to produce a Georgian bar grid in the same material used for the frame - they can also beused with both standard and warm edge profiles. The end pieces can be pressed on or screwed onto provide more flexible assembly.

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