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SMARELIO, a start-up company of Glaszentrum Magdeburg and EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH (EK), is launching a completely new, smart monitoring technology for insulating glass.

The self-sufficient, wireless alarm module for insulating glass panes detects glass breakage, vibrations as well as tilt at the window and immediately activates an alarm.


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Glass breakage Vibration Tilt at the window / opening



The special feature of the sensor ‘SMARELIO Protect’ compared with other products is its complete integration in the insulating glass unit. It is inserted as part of the spacer during the production of the insulating glass. Furthermore, the sensor is equipped with a radio module, which allows wireless information transmission to an alarm control center (smart home).

Glass breakage and other vibrations caused by attempted break-ins are detected at an early stage by a sensor system on the module. The position of the window is also queried by the alarm module and can be supplemented by a window handle sensor.

SMARELIO Protect im Scheibenzwischenraum

Autarkic & Sustainable.

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Solar &
500 hours /
3 weeks


The energy supply is realized via a combination of solar cells and electrical buffer storage, so that a completely wireless and self-sufficient operation of the alarm module is made possible over a period of use of up to 15 years. 

Thanks to special energy management, the sensor can also operate completely autarkic without light for up to 3 weeks at a time when monitoring is active and communicating with the alarm control panel. It has also been designed so that even dim light maintains operation. Even with artificial lighting, the alarm module is charged.

For the future.

The condition of the glass is monitored cyclically with regard to breakage and lever-out attempts. The alarm module communicates securely with almost any central control system via the ENOCEAN radio standard. On the basis of a suitable interface, integration of the sensor into most alarm systems is possible. If there is no smart home or alarm system in the property, the Smarelio app can be used as a management tool for the installed modules.



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For who?

Insulating glass manufacturer

  • Expansion of the product portfolio withinnovative solutions.

  • Increased competitiveness through expertise inthe latest products and technologies.

  • Easy replacement of insulating glass.

  • Offer latest technologies on the market.

  • Qualification as an innovative expert ina competitive environment.

  • Additional business through window replacement.

  • Intelligent technology that can be easily and smartly combined and integrated with surveillance systems.

  • Additional unique selling proposition.

  • The latest, innovative technology for smart buildings.

  • Reliable function.

  • Upgrade of the glass by simple insulating glass replacement.

  • Protection of the object.

  • Efficient price-performance ratio.

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