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Environmental protection is at the forefront of EK's corporate policy. The consistent focus on this corporate goal is reflected in the introduction of the EK environmental management system, which has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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One thing is clear: as a family, we think long-term, manage our affairs in a sustainable manner, like to reinvent ourselves and are open to new ideas. And this sense of unity is a wonderful thing.

Ralf M. Kronenberg, General Manager EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH

Green Building

The headquarters of EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH is impressive in terms of both the design and indoor environment: with aesthetic architecture and a future-oriented energy concept that combines highly efficient renewable energy systems.

The key elements are the ventilation system with heat recovery via a run around coil system (RAC system) and the air-water heat pump, which provides both cooling and heating.

Combined heat and power plant connected to an absorption chiller to cover the continuous cooling requirement and the base load of the heating demand. The energy source for the air-water heat pump is air from outside the building. In winter operation, heat given off by the exhaust air system and the compressed air systems are used, enabling the heat exchanger to improve its performance even further.

As a result of the forward-looking energy concept, the new building offers numerous ecological and economic benefits. "EK's corporate headquarters are an excellent example of how outstandingly economical, resource-efficient and visual appeal can work in harmony," emphasizes architect Jochen Siebel. 
EK provides the entire workforce with an optimally equipped and up-to-date workplace.


Open Spaces

The interior of our headquarters was designed as a harmonious addition to its architecture. Colors, shapes and design reflect the EK brand. Glass walls and partition screens create a completely new working environment due to the bright and light workspaces. The modern open-space concept also represents the company values: openness, team spirit, creativity and innovation.


Nature project

With the settlement of several bee colonies on the EK premises, in addition to the EK Green Building and participation in the climate protection project ÖKOPROFIT, we would like to set a further example: We have realized that the constant search for solutions that have as little impact on our environment as possible and the protection of species are inseparably linked.

Billions of years ago, the project of a global network of all natural processes was launched on our planet. As the inventor of globalization, nature itself is the most experienced and best teacher of ecologically sustainable management. A symbol for the big picture in our world is provided in the smallest of detail by bees. As industrious pollinators of plants, along with a multitude of other insects, they are a natural and irreplaceable part of the ecosystem, because they contribute to the well-being of the fauna and flora all over the world.

For these reasons, the recent increase in bee mortality is also a global issue. The destruction of bee colonies can be observed not only in Germany, but internationally. Scientific findings indicate that the causes are also man-made - through the establishment of monocultures and the use of pesticides in agriculture, as well as the increasing threat of climate change.

EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH is committed to the responsible and sustainable use of the valuable resources that nature provides us with by supporting bees and preserving and caring for their natural habitat.

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