Reliability is our promise.
And has remained so
since 1867.

From your very first contact with us, you will experience what all-round support really means.

We take care of everything that is necessary to ensure your project is a success: From the development of a new product
to quality-tested series production and guaranteed on-time delivery worldwide.

You can rely depend on it!


Best Practice

Organization of functional areas to achieve an optimal material flow.

At our location in the Haan Technology Park | NRW, we operate production facilities designed specifically to meet our needs based solely on the requirements of optimum material flow.


The characteristics of the site were not initially taken into account in the original design (ideal layout) - the production and associated service and logistics areas had been optimally positioned in terms of how they related to each other. In what ultimately became the final layout, we modified our concept to match the actual conditions of the site.

The result is that we now have a future-oriented plant that provides us with plenty of space to accommodate new ideas and expansion at a later date.

  • targeted, long-term planning
  • sustainable use of all resources 
  • use of the state-of-the-art machines and systems
  • use of an integrated ERP system
  • documentation of quality-related information in CAQ system
  • high availability and best service

Garden City

Bordered by the Rivers Düssel and Itter, the garden city of Haan, with just over 30,000 inhabitants, is located between the Rhine Valley and Bergisch Land. In addition to the excellent infrastructure, the garden city offers additional benefits, such as the extensive range of educational services. There are 15 nursery schools, five elementary schools as well as two high schools and a Waldorf school. An adult education center and vocational college complete the educational facilities.

In Haan and its immediate surroundings, you will encounter both untouched countryside and the hustle and bustle of a busy urban atmosphere. In the town center, for example, the nostalgic charm of the half-timbered houses blends in with the variety of shops and businesses typical of a modern urban environment and the wide range of outdoor activities available is combined with the extensive range of modern urban and at the same time outdoor leisure facilities from a golf course, riding center, tennis courts and sports fields to cycling and hiking trails such as the trails on the the Neanderlandsteig.
The major cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf can both be reached within just a few minutes.


Green Building

The headquarters of EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH is impressive in terms of both the design and indoor environment: with aesthetic architecture and a future-oriented energy concept that combines highly efficient renewable energy systems.

The key elements are the ventilation system with heat recovery via a run around coil system (RAC system) and the air-water heat pump, which provides both cooling and heating.

Combined heat and power plant connected to an absorption chiller to cover the continuous cooling requirement and the base load of the heating demand. The energy source for the air-water heat pump is air from outside the building. In winter operation, heat given off by the exhaust air system and the compressed air systems are used, enabling the heat exchanger to improve its performance even further.

As a result of the forward-looking energy concept, the new building offers numerous ecological and economic benefits. "EK's corporate headquarters are an excellent example of how outstandingly economical, resource-efficient and visual appeal can work in harmony," emphasizes architect Jochen Siebel. 
EK provides the entire workforce with an optimally equipped and up-to-date workplace.


Open Spaces

The interior of our headquarters was designed as a harmonious addition to its architecture. Colors, shapes and design reflect the EK brand. Glass walls and partition screens create a completely new working environment due to the bright and light workspaces. The modern open-space concept also represents the company values: openness, team spirit, creativity and innovation.



Nature project

With the settlement of several bee colonies on the EK premises, in addition to the EK Green Building and participation in the climate protection project ÖKOPROFIT, we would like to set a further example: We have realized that the constant search for solutions that have as little impact on our environment as possible and the protection of species are inseparably linked.

Billions of years ago, the project of a global network of all natural processes was launched on our planet. As the inventor of globalization, nature itself is the most experienced and best teacher of ecologically sustainable management. A symbol for the big picture in our world is provided in the smallest of detail by bees. As industrious pollinators of plants, along with a multitude of other insects, they are a natural and irreplaceable part of the ecosystem, because they contribute to the well-being of the fauna and flora all over the world.

For these reasons, the recent increase in bee mortality is also a global issue. The destruction of bee colonies can be observed not only in Germany, but internationally. Scientific findings indicate that the causes are also man-made - through the establishment of monocultures and the use of pesticides in agriculture, as well as the increasing threat of climate change.

EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH is committed to the responsible and sustainable use of the valuable resources that nature provides us with by supporting bees and preserving and caring for their natural habitat.

One thing is clear: as a family, we think long-term, manage our affairs in a sustainable manner, like to reinvent ourselves and are open to new ideas. And this sense of unity is a wonderful thing.

Ralf M. Kronenberg, General Manager EDUARD KRONENBERG GmbH


We are precision.
We are quality.
We are reliability.

And we are looking for you!

As an expanding company, we are always on the lookout for people who share our passion for precision and high quality standards. Are you a motivated team player and are interested in an exciting job? Are you an enthusiastic young talent or an experienced specialist? Young blood or years of experience under your belt? Or perhaps both – it makes no difference.

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a modern and progressive employer.

Simply apply online for a current job opening or send us an unsolicited application!


Career Overview

EK is an owner-managed family business, which means that the satisfaction of our employees is extremely important to us. The benefits we offer are intended to create the best possible working environment for the members of all our teams. 

We spend a great deal of our lives at work. It is all the more important therefore that we enjoy our place of work and can concentrate fully on what we do there.

With great attention to detail, we have created contemporary and attractive working conditions. In spacious, bright office and production areas, we have also built in a good sense of humor and uncomplicated communications. All areas in the company are regularly renovated and refurnished to ensure that the environment in which we work is a healthy and pleasant one.

So you’ve left school … what now? An exciting new phase of life is about to begin – you’re at the the start of your career! With training at EK, embarking on a career is particularly easy and also provides you with opportunities for a very promising future!

Every year we offer apprenticeships and training in technical and commercial fields. With the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) as our partner, we guarantee sound training as a specialist with excellent prospects for the future. Great colleagues, exciting work, professional support and a good chance of being taken on if your performance is convincing - and this is all available in a modern, medium-sized company. Your dream job is within your grasp: Go for it!

Power up for a career as: 

  • Machinist/Toolmaker in the field of stamping and forming technology
  • Industrial clerk

You have already gained professional experience and are ready for new, exciting prospects with a modern, medium-sized employer? Then you’ve come to the right place!

You can contribute your industrial expertise in a variety of interesting professions and benefit from our further training programs. As a modern employer, it is our duty to provide you with individualized opportunities to develop your talents. And there are many benefits and a great working atmosphere to go with it.  
Strengthen our team as an expert, for example as: 

  • Toolmaker in the field of stamping and forming technology
  • Production worker in the field of stamping and forming technology or injection molding

We all know this: writing applications can be quite complicated! Every employer expects something different from their applicants, countless internet guides tell you how to do it right ... and often confuse you even more. We want to make it easier for you - by being transparent.

The cover letter is your chance to show us more about your personality, your motivation and your suitability for a job at EK. Convince us with your skills, knowledge and interests. Let us know why you are the person we are looking for and the right person for our company. And make us interested in getting to know you better!

Your CV or resume is the core element of your application, because this is where we get to see all the relevant facts and figures at a glance. Information on your education and training is just as important as your professional experience. You should also mention any special qualifications and interests you may have in order to give us an overall impression of you are.

  • Cover letter
  • CV / Resume
  • School and training certificates
  • References
  • Additional evidence of training and/or qualifications

What you gain is a new and fascinating challenge.

We gain a great new member on our team.

Welcome to EK!

Contact persons






Stefan Foerster und Heike Corsten 
HR Department
T. +49 2104 14420 




Business leader Karl Eduard Kronenberg founds the company in Solingen to manufacture steel springs for pocket knives.


Industrial Progress

The production facility is equipped with steam engines. Other areas now include the cutting tool industry and tool production industry.


New Location

In the Dingshauser Strreet in Solingen a new Plant is built.


Tool Industry

With business leader Carl Kronenberg the area of the file industry is now included in the portfolio.


Further Clients

Automotive- and electrical industry are new clients.


New Management

The brothers Hans-J. and Max Kronenberg take over the management and expand the business areas in the coming years.


New Business Area

The insulating glass industry completes the strategic business areas.


Location 2

The new production facility plant 2 is put into operation just in walking distance to plant 1.


New Management

The cousins Ralf M. and Frank Kronenberg take over the management.



EK is TÜV certificated according to ISO TS 16949.


Injection molding technology

EK enters into a strategic partnership and is now the only producer worldwide who produces connectors for the glass frame assembly in the insulating glass industry out of steel AND plastic.


New Location

The two plants in Solingen are merged to one new factory in the Technologiepark Haan | NRW.


Own Plastic Parts

Installation of our own injection molding machines for the manufacture of nylon parts.


EK celebrates 150 years

What has began in 1867 will be continued in ther 5th generation. 150 years of quality – "made in Germany".


The EK success story, which began in 1867, continues today through our day-to-day activities.

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